Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Tutorial "Hot Valentine"

This is a tutorial using a template.
Feel free to use my tutorial as a guide and
have fun giving it your own spin.
This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP.
Needed Supplies & Filters : Template, Mask, Tube. Alien Skin

Tube of Choice .. I am using the work of Keith Garvey which you must have a license to use. Please do not use his work without purchasing through MPT here.

Scrap Kit of Choice .. I have used a My PTU kit Hot Red Valentines which be purchased in any of my store just click on any of the store blinkies on the side.

Template: Gina Gems template number 92 which you can get for free here.

Mask: zuzzanna_mask07 Just click on it and then right click and copy.

She has a lot of beautiful masks were you can down load for free here.
Filters required ... Xenofex (Constellation) & Animation Shop
Let's get started !

Open the template and duplicate it by hitting control and D and use the new image and close the original template.

Now pick out a paper, I’m using paper 4, right click and paste it in front of raster layer that says dotted mess fill.

Now go to that raster layer dotted mess fill and go to selections, click on select all, then back to selection and float and back to selection defloat and then back to selection and invert, go back to the paper layer and hit your delete key, after that go back to the raster layer dotted mess fill and delete that layer, then rename the new paper layer dotted mess fill. (that is if you want to, to keep track). Add drop shadow.

Okay load your mask and pick out another paper I have pick paper 8, copy past in front of the white background. Select you mask (I have fit to canvas checked) in supplies or one of your choice and merge group. Now with this mask background I like to move it down a bit so I go to my pick tool as shown below and move the background to were I want it. (You can do that if you like or leave it where it is, up to you). You can add drop shadow if you want or leave it on this one, up to you.

Now lets you to layer dotted mess, pick out another paper, I choose number 7 and copy and paste in front of that layer, now we are repeating the above with the select all, float, defloat, invert, delete and then delete the dotted mess layer and rename the paper layer and add drop shadow.

Now go up to the next item, here all the hearts are on separate layers so you can select different colours, but I want to have all the hearts the same colour so I just merge the next for layers together and picked out another paper I choose paper 10 and repeat the above with the select, ect and then delete the grey hearts.

Now the same with the heart frames I merge them all together (but of course if you want to use different papers and colours you just need to do them separate). Now I pick paper 11 and again repeat the above set with the select all ect, and then delete the white hearts so the black ones show add drop shadow.

Now lets go to the oval of hearts and pick out another paper I choose paper 7 again and copy and paste and repeat the sets of select all ect and delete the oval of hearts layer add drop shadow.

Now go to heart fill and I picked out another paper I used paper 3 copy and paste and repeat the above set again, lol, pretty well we do this for the whole thing. Select all ect and delete the heart fill layer and we want to add drop shadow to the paper layer heart fill.

Go to heart frame and pick out another paper I used paper 11 again and repeat the sets again and delete the heart frame layer and add drop shadow.

Now we can start having some fun with the elements and tube selection of choice.

Add another raster layer and take your tube of choice and paste her were ever you would like to place her.

Now I like to have the woman with something in front of her if the tube is cut off at the knees or thighs and I took the bow 5 and resized about 75% and used my pick tool to place arrange it where I want it and of course add drop shadow.

Behind the four hearts I took my swirlie and copy it paste duplicated it 3 times and added Xenofex (Constellation) with the settings as shown below.

Place all your elements on your tag and know lets animate, go to the white background repeat layer 3 times, now go to the background repeat 3 time and add noise then merge to background layer, you don’t have to animate all layers if you don’t want, I didn’t with the black heart frames.

After doing all the animations and merging we want to add a new raster layer for the copy right info and also you name.

Now save it and take it into your animation program.

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial.
Please feel free to experiment and use my tutorial as a guide.

Please feel free to send me your results.
I'd love to see what you came up with.

This Tag was made by Marie from following my Tutorail, awesome tag hun I love it.

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