Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Very First Tutorial "Winter Ice"

This tutorila I'm using my Winter Ice kit which you can get at any of my store's I sell in on the right side.
This tutorial was written by me Puddicat Creations on Dec 21 2009. Do not copy this tutorial and post through any kind of group or claim it as your own.

Resemblance to any other tutorial is strictly coincidental
Feel free to use my tutorial as a guide and
have fun giving it your own spin.
This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP.
Needed Supplies download HERE

Let's get started !

1. Open a new image 700 x 700, you can always resize it after, but before doing any noise or animation to it.
2 Flood fill layer with white.

3. Pick out a paper, I’m using paper 15, paste as new layer.

4.Load mask DMSK007(I have fit to canvas checked) in supplies or one of your choice and merge group.

5. Pick out another lighter coloured paper I picked paper 13, paste as new layer above the last back ground paper.

6. Load mask 0mask046_(I have fit to canvas checked) in supplies or one of your choice and merge group.

7. Now pick out a frame, I’m using frame 3 paste as new layer.

8. Pick out another paper to use for the inside of the frame, I’m using paper 6 paste as new layer below the frame. Now comes the fun part, go to the frame layer and take your magic wand and click anywhere on the outside of the frame. Make sure you have your magic wand on add and on the left side of the frame there are some section of the frame you need to click on so the just the frame has the marching ants around it. Go to Selections and go down to Modify and click on Expand and put on 1, go down to the paper we have for inside of the frame and then hit your delete key. Then click on select none.

9. Add new raster layer above the frame and pick out your tube, I’m using the tube that come’s with the kit Cookie 2, I took the copy right and moved it onto the cookies somewhere, place the tube anywhere you would like.

10. Now make a new raster layer between the frame the frame background take one of the trees and resize it by 55% and place it on the left side, (don’t worry about it hanging outside of the frame at this time we will fix it.
11. Add new raster layer and take the blue ferns and resize by 35% now duplicate the fern and mirror it so it shows on the other side too. Now take your pick tool and move the fern over to were you would like it on the right side. Remember you can move it left and right also and after you do click on your sharpen now merge the two ferns together and add drop shadow.
13. Now grab the silver ferns and resize 35% add new raster layer between the snowman and the frame and place the fern behing the snowman duplicate the fern a second time and take your pick tool and move the second fern a little higher and a little more over the right add drop shown.

14 Add raster layer and take the silver fern again and place behind the girl and add drop shadow. You can then merge the 3 silver ferns together.

15. Add another raster layer take your decorations you want to add resize 35% and don’t forget to sharpen them and place them in your tag were ever you want then add drop shadow.

16. Now grab one of the curled ribbons and resize 50% add raster layer in front of the girl and place the ribbon on the bottom you might have to take the pick tool and pull it around to were you will like it and narrow the ribbon a bit, then add drop shadow.

17. This is how your tag should look before doing and animation to it or adding the snow. Now this is were you would want to resize to your liking. I’m leaving mine at the 700 x 700.
18. Now I always animate in my layers separately you can do which ever way you would like too. Now take your white layer and duplicate it 3 times and then the second layer and do the same duplicate it 3 times. On the second layer go to your noise and add noise to it like in image do that to the all second layers and then merge layers 1 and 2 together.

19. Go to your 3 layer background duplicate it three time and noise again but use something a little different I’m using noise the random and setting of 15 and noise all three and merge to the down to background 1 n 2. This is how your tag should be looking.
20. Now take your frame background, and between the frame but not including the frame, like shown below, and merge together, but do not merge to the background layers.
21. Take the separate snow provided in the zip and open, make sure to have it around the same size as your tag if its bigger resize it, now go to the bottom of the now to raster 1 layer right click on it and copy, go to the tag and in front of the inside of background layer and frame click on tag and paste as new layer so it should look like image below and do that 10 times that is the amount of the snow layers, make sure all eyes are off too before we merge anything.
22. Now go to the frame background layer and select all then go back to selection click on Float then back again to selection click on Defloat as shown below one last time go to selection and hit Invert, go to your first snow layer hit your delete button (we want to delete all snow outside of the frame area) do that for all 10 snow layers then go to Select and hit Select None.
23. Are you still with me, lol, okay now take your framed background layer and duplicate 9 more times so you have 10 all together and merge to the snow, like below.
24. Now take all layers from frame up and merge together, this is were you will want to add any thing like your name or saying, I’m just adding my name as shown below and duplicate them 10 and merge to the snow layers.
25. Now we are almost done woo hoo, we have the 3 background layers best to rename each layer 1 2 3 duplicate each one in a row and do that 3 times so you have 9 duplicated and take layer 2 duplicate it 1 more time to get 10 then merge with your frame and snow layer so you have a total of 10 layers.
26. Now save it with your file name and take it into your animation program and run it.

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial.
Pls feel free to experiment and use my tutorial as a guide.

Please feel free to send me your results.
I'd love to see what you came up with.

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